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Neon the Ninja is now on Steam!

Steam Early Access is less then a week away!

Hello New 90's Games LLC, 

My name is Earth and I really like the game you 3 have made.

I'm going to make a review on the game on Steam because I am a curator.

I hope you people would have your heads up for your big work after the Upload of your game on steam(cos every game gets bugs and bad players on it)

Hope you are Nice Devs!

Lol wth did i wrote this OMG I sound like a bot!

Thanks for the motivational words Earth. Glad you like what you see so far and feel free to download the demo. We're going to be coming to steam with 4 bosses and 4 levels for Early Access after the holiday season!

Had fun playing this at Megabooth and Dreamhack Atlanta.  Look forward to seeing more! 

Thanks for coming by! I'm actually pretty glad to be back on the grind to prepare for early access.

The first level had me raging! It was so hard! It drove me insane :P Great game overall, i will definitely be back for more. Great job!

Here is my little raging lets play :P