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NEON THE NINJA is a 2D, punk rock, anti-everything-corrupt-in-the-world, action/ stealth game that tasks the player with a hit-list of the eight most vile leaders in the world. Slash your way through everything that moves; dive into neon signs for camouflage; or maybe do a little bit of both (who would we be to judge...that's Neon's job) in this Quentin Tarantino-vs.-Saturday-morning-cartoon take on video games. Things are going to get much, much brighter with Neon around.


  • Choose the order you pursue bosses and unlock unique items
  • Attack your enemies head-on or hide in plain sight
  • Hand-drawn cartoon environments ranging from Tokyo to Cairo
  • Intense Boss Battles & Secret Areas
  • Leaderboards for Hardcore speed running
  • Windows, Mac, & Linux versions with Gamepad support

Platforms: Steam, PC, Mac, Linux (Consoles TBD)

Development Timeline:

2015 - Main Mechanics / Game Feel
2016 - Boss Fights / Playtesting
2017 - Level Design / Playtesting
TBD - Release

Alpha Playtesting: If you're interested in being a playtester you can join our facebook group to stay updated or feel free to contact Stu directly.

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Published157 days ago
StatusIn development
Authorstu (New 90's Games)
Tags16-bit, Anime, boss, fight, Neon, Ninja, nintendo, Retro, sega, Stealth
Player countSingleplayer